Concession Responsibilities

Coordinator will clean the concession stand once before the season starts and once after the season is over.

Volunteer Coordinator will call parent volunteers to work every game in the concessions booth, come to the game check in each volunteer, and make any necessary changes to the schedule.

Inventory Coordinator will come into concessions the week of the game and take an inventory of all supplies, candy; condiments etc. They will buy what is needed for the game.

Popcorn Coordinator will take charge of popping the popcorn before the games (with help), ordering supplies (popcorn, oil, fla-o-cal, bags etc), making sure the machine is ready for each game, and have the machine serviced when needed.

Set-Up Coordinator will come to concessions the week of the game (Thursday or Friday), meet the Coke delivery and set up the room for the game.

Stadium food Coordinator will come to each game and work with all the volunteers who are selling food in the stands (candy, popcorn, drinks etc.).We have set up stations in the concession booth for each stadium food person and the stadium food coordinator will make sure that person has what he or she needs to sell in the stands (cash included).

Cashiers will make change for stadium food volunteers, make change for our window workers, count the money at the end of each game, and make a deposit slip. These people will also keep track of what we deposited, go to the bank and drop the money in the night deposit.

Visiting Side Concession Coordinator will  oversee set up and operation of  portable stand set up by visitors side.

Freshman JV Games Coordinator will be responsible for making sure there is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the band room for the students. The coordinator will get another adult to come to the games and you will both oversee concessions and make sure the students close up properly.

Basketball Coordinator (same as Freshman/JV games)

Lacrosse Coordinator (same as Freshman/JV games)

Festival Coordinator will be responsible for ordering food for that day and getting volunteers to work that day.

The Chairperson will be responsible for getting petty cash for each game, ordering the Coke products, ordering Pizza, overseeing concessions at each varsity game, responsible for each delegated concession assignment and completing a financial report for each game and giving a copy to the treasurer.


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