Festival Information

All Brighton High School Bands will have the old choir room as their coat room……….


7:15 Concert Band reports to Coat Room
7:30 Concert Band Warm up
8:00 Concert Band Perf BCPA
8:25 Concert Band sight reading Bandroom


8:50 Symphony Band Coat Room
9:10 Symphony Band Warm up
9:40 Symphony Band Perf BCPA
10:05 Symphony Band Sight Read Bandroom

10:45 Wind Symphony Coat Room
11:00 Wind Symphony Warm Up
11:30 Wind Symphony Perf BCPA
12:00 Wind Symphony Sight Read Bandroom


12:50 Wind Ensemble Coat Room
1:10 Wind Ensemble Warm up
1:40 Wind Ensemble Perf BCPA
210 Wind Ensemble Sight Reading Bandroom