Brighton High School Band

  • Band Camp 2014

They went to Festival Disney and THEY came back with the Golden Mickey, Silver Mickey, Best Vocal Performance, and Best of Class in March of 2016. Now they have been extended an invitation to play during the half time show for THE OUTBACK BOWL. They will also march in the parade and play in the pre-game show. What an honor.

Brighton High School is home to one of the finest band programs under the direction of Ms. Hoffman. With the high schools 263 Marching Band Members, they dazzle the football fans with their half time shows. The band directors from Scranton Middle School, Mrs. Evans, and Maltby Intermediate School, Mr. Osborn,  pitch in during marching season in order to help accomplish these amazing performances. The Marching Band’s music will drift across the field and resound in the city of Brighton, the Flag Corps with their grace and dazzeling displays of color, will definitely catch your eye, the twirler will amaze you with her feats and the Drumline will have you feeling the beat.

During concert season, Brighton High School has 4 different bands: Concert Band, Symphony Band, Wind Symphony Band and the Wind Ensemble Band. During the Christmas Concert, the bands cause the children to get that Christmas twinkle in their eyes and the parents become nostalgic as they are reminded, once again, of what it was like to be a child. The bands also perform a Pre Festival Concert and a Spring Concert. As always the school year is ended with the Memorial Day Parade, where the Marching Band’s music, helps us to pause and remember the heroes who fought and continue to fight for our liberties. So please come and show your support for these very talented students.


Annette Weersma